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Graphic Novels in First U Library

Our Library now has several adult non-fiction books in “graphic novel” format.

Best we could do: an illustrated memoir, was the focus of a recent discussion group at First U, and has been featured in programs at the New Castle County libraries. Author Thi Bui describes her family’s experience of the Vietnam War and their immigration to the U.S. Shelved at 973 BUI.

In Hey, Kiddo: how I lost my mother, found my father, and dealt with family addiction, author Jarred Krosoczka reflects on his childhood and finding himself an artist. Shelved at 362.29 KRO (Young Adult).

Love is love: a comic book anthology to benefit the survivors of the Orlando Pulse shooting was created by writers and artists to honor those killed and to support the survivors of the 2016 mass shooting at the LGBTQ+ nightclub in Florida. Shelved at 306.76 AND.

The Library & Archive Team invites you to borrow these or other First U Library books. Please follow posted instructions to check out them out, and remember to return them within four weeks. Visit the Library on Sunday mornings on the second floor in the shared Library & Music Room space. We regret that the elevator is currently out of order, but please use the stairs or contact the Team if we can be of assistance in finding a book for you in the meantime. Leave a message in the office or email us at