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Every Baby Deserves a Safe and Loving Start… ILYA is There to Help with Baby Supplies

Young people who have spent years of their own lives in foster care can unexpectedly find themselves soon to be parents — with little training, limited resources, and major time-consuming responsibilities like school and jobs! And no families to help.

Once again, ILYA volunteers come to the rescue! Baby Supplies, a lesser known ILYA project that has recently been booming, provides large baby items, clothing, toys and blankets to expecting parents. Aside from car seat / strollers, each purchased new by ILYA, all other items come from the generous donations of church members and the larger Wilmington community. The project is currently headed by Crystal Oswald (pictured above) who incorporates her family into the work, including her husband, two young daughters and son, and her mom, who gifts a handmade blanket and hat to each newborn.

ILYA assists and supports young adults who have aged out of the foster care system with a range of projects, including student care packages and the recent Holiday Giving, which just concluded successfully with the welcome help of dedicated project leaders who designed and assembled gift packages for 102 young adults, generous donors, Sunday gift wrappers and note writers. Once again, members of First Unitarian Church have proven themselves generous people — with their money, their time, their ideas, their energy and their hearts.

If you are also interested in assisting or donating baby items, please contact ILYA at We look forward to continuing the success of the Baby Supplies Project with your help!