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Where We Can’t Be

We Unitarian Universalists are very generous and involved. Most of us have been active in local human rights and social justice organizations, many of us serving on numerous boards. But there are places in the world where we can’t be. But UUSC can and is.

In 20 counties around the world, our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is supporting more than 40 local partners, empowering people at the local level to challenge injustice, confront unjust power structures, protest the oppression of people based upon their identity, and defend the rights of people displaced due to climate or conflict.

Since 1939, when Martha & Waitstill Sharp went to Czechoslovakia to rescue those targeted by the Nazis, the Service Committee has been advancing human rights and social justice around the world, grounded in the belief that all people have inherent power and dignity.

And this work is possible because of you. When you join UUs across the country to support the Service Committee, you enable it, in turn, to support our partners around the world.

This Sunday, March 3rd is UUSC Justice Sunday and, at First U, it is UUSC Share the Plate Sunday, when the Sunday offering will go to the work of the Service Committee. You can bring your donation to the Church, with checks made out to UUSC, or you can donate online at Online, do fill in the “Congregation” box to show your connection to First Unitarian Church of Wilmington, DE.

As many First U members know, I served on the UUSC board, chaired the sustaining gifts committee, and Doyle and I are now part of the UUSC Stewardship Circle. Many of you know that Doyle and I have visited partners in Myanmar, Nicaragua, Hungary, Serbia, and Croatia and, last year, met partners from Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala in Cuba. And many of you have heard me say that, while I contribute to a lot of organizations which do good things, I’ve learned that every dollar I give to UUSC does more to change lives and communities than to any other organization. Thank you for your support of this life-changing work.

–Beverley Baxter