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Pop Up Art Show – We want to see your art!

On Sunday, March 24th, bring your art to the Parish Hall, reflecting on the Soul Matters theme of Transformation. You take the art home with you after coffee hour! Any kind of visual art is valued. Here are some ideas if you need inspiration:

  • Illustrate how you’ve transformed over the past year or so. We suggest you do that by drawing/painting/collaging images on the left side of a sheet of paper that represent various aspects of you from a year ago on the left side of your paper/canvas and then that same aspect of you as you are today on the right side. Basically you’re making a side-by-side comparison. Here are some aspects of yourself you might depict: your hair, “heart,” circle of friends, opinions, or your favorite things.
  • Upcycled art is a fancy term for art made out of junk. Or as some might say “useless junk.” There is so much around us – and within us – that the world treats as useless, but with the right vision and creativity, it can be transformed into precious gifts. To honor this, use this month to create some upcycled and transformed art!
  • Think of an object from each of your homes that represents how that place shaped and transformed you. It’s fine to focus on the actual physical home/house in which you lived, but -if helpful- expand your reflection to also focus on the town and land surrounding your house. Then pick a modality – or numerous modalities – to depict that object. If you are drawing, painting or collaging, consider surrounding your images with words that speak to the transformation that object represents.