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Pop-Up Art Show! – Sunday, April 28th

We would love to see your art! On April 28, please bring your art reflecting on the Soul Matters theme of “Interdependence” to the Parish Hall for us to all enjoy. You can take it home with you after coffee hour! You are free to interpret as you would like, but if you need some inspiration, here are some ideas:

  • Make a collage that represents the interdependence that makes you you. Or to put it another way, find images that represent your life and build a collage out of them.
  • To honor how connection to the natural creatures around us makes us human, be like Noah this month and collect as many animals as you can, just with a camera rather than an ark!
  • Some of the main symbols of interdependence are string and webs. These two things also show up centrally in string art. So spend some time this month creating a string art project. Click here to learn more.