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Look What Just Appeared on Facebook about our own Lynn Ingersoll and ILYA. This lady right here has been such a prominent part of my life.

I met Lynn through this program called Lifelines at West End Neighborhood House for aged out foster youth when I was 18. She was volunteering through a program called ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults). I was working and taking college courses at the time and she sent me a few care packages, I sent her a thank you back and that’s how it all started! She has been a great mentor, friend and motherly figure in my life all of these years! I am so grateful for her.

I kept going back and forth with myself to post this and I decided I would because she has done so much “behind closed doors “ for me that she did not have to do. Even to this day. She deserves her flowers.



Lynn, Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.

Thank you for all of the lunch dates

Thank you for all of the motivation

Thank you for the consistency

Thank you for your friendship

Thank you for your motherly advice

Thank you for being you and just being here.

I know that I can count on you and I hope that you can count on me.

It is still my birthday month so In honor of Lynn’s choice to volunteer for aged out foster youth, donate (if you can) to ILYA or West End Neighborhood house so other aged out foster youth can have a great mentor like I did.