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Love at the Center: New UU Statement of Values Passes after Momentous General Assembly Delegate Vote

Unitarian Universalist Association’s new expression of shared values was adopted by a vote of 2,025 (80.2 percent) to 499 (19.8 percent) with 21 abstaining (.8 percent) at General Assembly 2024, held online June 19-23.

The new values are Equity, Generosity, Interdependence, Justice, Pluralism, and Transformation, centered around Love. Learn more here.

This article 2 in the bylaws will replace the current Principles and Purposes. Individual UUs and their congregations are welcome to continue to hold and value the Seven Principles and Six Sources, which were adopted in 1984, as a meaningful part of the faith says Carey McDonald, Executive Vice President of the Unitarian Universalist Association.