First Unitarian Church is a liberal religious community that encourages and supports each of its members in their search for personal religious truth and meaning.

Church members at a picnic

In our services, you will find no statement of doctrine nor creed of belief to which members must subscribe.  For us, religion is ultimately not about what we think; it is about how we live our lives.

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe there is no one right way to lead a religious life.  For this reason, we encourage our members to draw inspiration and wisdom from all the world’s great faiths, and through a combination of personal reflection and direct experience, shape a personal faith.  We call ours a freely chosen faith.  For Unitarian Universalists, the individual is the ultimate source of religious authority.

What we do share in common is our commitment to the religious journey and to the health and well-being of the world community.  Ours is a “covenantal tradition,” and our covenant — or promise — to one another is to be engaged and to be faithful as we walk together on our journey.

Our Covenant of Right Relations was adopted at the Annual Meeting, May 18, 2008. It reminds and inspires us to bring our highest self to all of our relationships, particularly those here at church.

With a sincere desire that our congregation flourish, I promise:

  • to be mindful to nurture my own spiritual health, so that I may help bring a spirit of balance and wholeness to our church community;
  • to be attentive to guests and new members as well as to support and encourage those whom I already know which will contribute to an atmosphere of welcome and hospitality;
  • to seek to understand others with humility and an open mind, and to interact with my fellow UU members with integrity and respect;
  • to use wisdom and patience in challenging or conflicting situations, and to seek honest reconciliation while recognizing we may not always come to agreement;
  • to be involved because my skills, resources, wisdom and good will are important to my church community;
  • to uphold our covenant to each other in our interactions in the wider community, as exemplars of our empowering faith.

I join with others in this covenant as we seek to become known for our vitality,warmth, and transformative energy.

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