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General Information about Ceremonies and Rites of Passage are available, here.

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For professional services, see below:

Minister’s Fees
Any Member or Member Family ceremony                                                                                 No Charge

Non-member fees for Minister – paid to minister directly:
Wedding & Unions
(includes 2 consultations, rehearsal, and wedding)                                                                   $500

Simple Weddings and Unions
(incudes one phone consult & short ceremony for couple and two witnesses)                   $250

Memorial Service                                                                                                                             $450
Graveside Service (in addition to memorial service fee)                                                          $100

Child Dedication (non-member)                                                                                                    $350

For more information on Child Dedication, please click here to read our brochure.

Only First Unitarian Clergy may perform rites of passage at our church.

Organist/Church Musician Fees (paid to Musician)
Wedding & Unions with rehearsal                                                                                                 $225
Wedding & Unions without rehearsal                                                                                           $175
Memorial Service                                                                                                                              $225

Minister and Organist fees are paid directly to them, not to the church.

Custodial Fees (paid to church)
Any Member or Member Family ceremony                                                                        $150 and up
(Fee may apply to some member ceremonies on weekends.)

  • Fee for an event under 50 people would be $150 for one custodian
  • Fee for 51-100 people would be $225 for two custodians
  • 101-150 people would be $300 for 3 custodians
  • Over 151 would be $375 for 4 custodians

Non-member                 (same as above)                                                                                    $150 and up

Audio Visual Fees (paid to AV Tech)
We can provide the option for AV support for your event.

AV Tech fees are paid directly to them, not to the church.

Weddings, Unions, Memorials:

1) Microphones only: $65.00
2) Microphones, sound, and projection – slideshows, recorded music, hymn lyrics: $100.00
3) Any of the above plus video services – recording of the service, broadcast on YouTube or Zoom: $150.00

Sanctuary Information:
Sanctuary Aisle 47.5 Feet long
Seating arrangements 205 chairs main floor, additional overflow seating of 100 chairs, floor plan options available upon request