First Unitarian Church is a member of the Unitarian-Universalist Association (UUA)—an association of liberal congregations but not a governing body. Our church governs itself.

The Board of Trustees of First Unitarian Church represents the congregation in shaping the vision and long-term goals of the church. We ensure the church is externally effective and internally efficient, and we create policy and direction for the Executive Team and church staff.

The Executive Team (ET) is responsible for the operations of the church. The ET is made up of the Minister, the Business Manager, and one or more lay members of the congregation. Each member of the ET has a portfolio covering operational areas of the church, including Worship, Facilities, Children’s Religious Education, Personnel and more.

Members of the congregation have “jobs” too: To elect the trustees or serve as trustees, to be involved in whatever ways fit for us, to share our time and other resources, to speak up when we have something to say, and to support our board and staff. We have a large number of teams, committees and groups of volunteers who execute many of the tasks associated with running a church. You can learn more about these groups and teams, here.