The Andy Cope Team Rides Again!

Would you like to contribute to the upkeep of our property? Can you hold a screwdriver or a paint brush? Before the pandemic shut everything down, a team of men and women gathered once a month to tackle small projects around the building and grounds. We replaced broken floor tiles, fixed leaking faucets,...

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Andy Cope Team Meets June 12 at Noon

How many UUs does it take to change a light bulb? It depends on who shows up with a bright idea. It takes two to change a fluorescent bulb. How many UUs does it take to change batteries in a clock? It depends on who has the time to do...

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Closet Cleaning Day, August 13th

The Andy Cope Maintenance Team plans to clean closets again on Monday, August 13. Join us at noon with your brown bag lunch and after we eat we will clean the upstairs closet and garage together. The church closets belong to all our groups, so we hope many people can...

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