Unitarian Universalists celebrate a variety of rituals to honor birth, death, marriage and coming of age transitions. It is an honor for our congregation to share your joys and sorrows with you and your family. Ceremonies and rites of passage are provided to our church members at no charge. For non-members, weddings, commitment rituals, and memorial services are available. For information on our facilities and fees, please click here. If you would like to speak with someone about a ceremony or right of passage, fill out this form.

We are offering rituals and celebrations in person in our building or remotely, using Zoom, YouTube streaming or other virtual tools. Hybrid ceremonies are also available. 


Child Dedications

A child dedication is a rite of passage where the family and community commit to support the spiritual life and development of the child. During the ceremony, the congregation and the parents share in the joy of welcoming children into the community.  Because we ask for the congregation’s support as part of the ceremony, dedications usually occur during the weekly Sunday worship service. Private ceremonies may also be arranged.




Age of Reason

Between the ages of seven and nine children begin wondering and thinking about the world beyond their own home and neighborhood. Children at this age identify with and want to claim their religious community. First Unitarian celebrates and honors this time in a child’s life by offering an Age of Reason program which culminates in a worship service, led by the children, in which the parents and congregation covenant to continue to walk with the children on their spiritual journey. For more information, please check out our children and youth rites of passage page, here.



Coming of Age & Bridging

As children enter adolescence, First Unitarian provides a program focused on opportunities for youth to explore beliefs and values, as well as individual gifts, strengths and weaknesses. The Coming of Age program is designed to be mentally and physically challenging. It aids youth in their personal growth and understanding of self; culminating with an Affirmation Worship Service, with the opportunity to join the church as a Youth Member. More information available, here.

The Bridging Ceremony honors Youth Members moving into young adulthood as they transition out of Senior Youth Group and into the life of an adult Unitarian Universalist. Bridging takes place in the spring during the worship service.


Marriage and Commitment Ceremonies

Marriage and commitment ceremonies celebrate the love of individuals who have chosen their life partner. Ceremonies are crafted individually to reflect the beliefs, values and hopes of the couple. We officiate interfaith and intercultural weddings, atheist weddings, LGBTQ weddings, and weddings for folks with diverse beliefs and styles. Click here to request more information.



Memorial and Funeral Services

In our congregation, memorial and funeral services honor the person who has died, and celebrate the life they lived. Services are planned by the minister and the bereaved family, and often include poetry, prayer or meditation, music, perhaps an eulogy, and time for those attending to remember their loved one by sharing stories and memories. Please email officemgr@firstuuwilm.org to request a consultation with a minister.