First U is implementing new church management software called Church Center. Church Center has many features to help us communicate more effectively, make it easier for members and new-commers to engage with our community, and to facilitate donations. It will also save staff and volunteer time.

This implementation started spring of 2023 and will continue through the winter. Our initial focus is on event registration, giving, and self-service features like your contact information, personal schedule of First U events, and giving history.

Church Center is available as a mobile phone app and on the web at To install the mobile app you can scan the QR code on this page with your phone’s photo app, or, if you are reading this page on a mobile phone click this link to open a setup page. Or you can just go to your app store and search for Church Center.

Church Center can also take donations via the text app in your mobile phone, also known as Text2Give. To do this simply text an amount to 84321. The first time you do this there will be some setup questions, including method of payment, and thereafter it is just that simple. You can also text an amount to a specific fund. And, if you make a mistake, just text the word refund within 30 minutes of making the donation for an automatic refund. Here is a video on Text2Give. Here is a list of one word codes for our common funds: general, fy2324, counterpoint, Emmanuel, asylum, ilya, lifestream, Sunday, uudan.

As you might hope, Church Center is fairly self-explanatory. We do have a few tips to help your experience go smoothly, and we also have a video (see below) that goes in-depth into Church Center with step-by-step looks at the Church Center mobile app, Church Center on the web, and Text2Give.

Church Center Tips

  • At the moment, there are three key links in Church Center:
    • Use the Me pages to look up and manage information about you. This includes the personal information you share with First U, donation history, methods of payment, recurring payments, the schedule of events you have signed up for, and your registrations. To get to the Me pages follow the profile/login link from the home page, or you can click on the person icon in the upper-right.
    • Use the Connect link to browse our activities and registrations.
    • Use the Give link to make a donation.
  • Church Center does not require a username and password. Instead, when you attempt to do something like edit your personal information or use a credit card on file, Church Center will ask you if you want to use a cell phone number or email address to verify your identity. Sending the code to a cell phone is faster and a little more fool proof.  Please don’t misunderstand, sending the code to email works just as well with Church Center as it does with any application that verifies your identity by sending something to your email. It is just that cell phones do this  a little better. The code pops up on your screen. That means you don’t have to leave the app or webpage to get the code, and you don’t have to put up with temporary slow downs in email delivery. Here is more on logging into Church Center, including screen shots.
  • If you don’t use your code right away, it is good for two hours. Of course, you can always ask for a new code.
  • When you send a code, don’t close the app or webpage when you go to retrieve it in your email or texting app. That will cause it to forget what code it sent, and you will need to send a new code. Please don’t get caught in this loop.
  • Once you are logged in on a device you will stay logged in until you log out or until two weeks have passed.