The Building and Grounds Team is a group of dedicated volunteers who help our staff develop and improve our facility at 730 Halstead Rd. They work with our Building Coordinator, Ernie Congo, on a variety of large and small projects.

There are several volunteer work groups. If you are interested in working outside on the church grounds, please contact Jim Weddell at If you like doing maintenance projects, including painting, plumbing and electrical, please contact Ernie Congo, our Building Coordinator, at or Richard Speck, leader of the monthly Andy  Cope Team, a volunteer maintenance crew, at  If you like big jobs, working with contractors or just like complex projects, please contact Phil Krape, on our Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Committee.

View our committee charter for more information about our committee.

Latest News:

Parking Lot Update 2018

Recently we had some work done in the parking lot to mitigate puddling and ice formation in the winter. You can view some photos, here. We may never completely eliminate frozen spots in our parking lot, but we hope these improvements will make the lot safer for everyone.