Due to the closure of the church and church-related activities until at least May 12, there is no current plan for any future Circle Supper dates. The April 18  and May 16 Circle Suppers are cancelled pending any changes in the church closure or other details. Please contact Becca Hammonds and Ajay Shalwala at circlesuppers@firstuuwilm.org if you have any questions.”
Click here to access Circle Supper Frequently Asked Questions for answers to your questions. Participants are assigned menu items to bring and are rotated to provide opportunities to know new people. You are in store for delightful evenings and the treat of getting to know wonderful people even better! Contact circlesuppers@firstuuwilm.org with further questions.
Your Circle Supper Team,
Becca Hammonds and Ajay Shalwala

Newcomers are always welcome!

Contact: circlesuppers@firstuuwilm.org