The Financial Interest Group (FIG) is composed of members who, in most cases, have had experience in church financial affairs and governance, and who have a strong interest in First U’s financial well being


To study the church’s financial policies and practices in order to develop constructive recommendations aimed at benefiting the church’s financial operations. As individuals in community, striving to make the church financially viable, we facilitate the attainment of First U’s Vision, Mission, and Ends.

Goals, Objectives:

Major objectives are established during our September meeting each year.

Scope, Assumptions:

As an unofficial organization, we are not necessarily bound by Church rules/policies, but we pledge to adhere to UU principles in all we do. We meet at the church, but ask for no financial support. Our interest and discussions center on factors affecting Church finances.


FIG meets the 3rd Monday of each month in the Church Library at 10:30 a.m. The leader issues an agenda several days before the meetings. Members suggest areas of study/discussion and assignments are often made to individuals to provide background information and recommendations.


FIG has a leader and a secretary who keeps minutes of the meetings. Recommendations for improvements are usually made to the Executive Team and/or the Board. Membership has been by invitation, but FIG would be open to accepting any church member with an interest in our Mission. Contact Paul Pinson at for more information.


FIG began in early 2010 and has had a stable core membership of 8-9 people. We expect the group to continue only as long as opportunities for improvement are identified.