The Vegan Subcommittee is an offshoot from our Environmental Task Force. Eating a vegan diet saves a significant amount of energy and water. Did you know that producing one pound of beef takes 2500 gallons of water, yet to produce a pound of potatoes is only 60 gallons of water? And that methane gas released from cows contributes more to climate change than all the automobiles in the world? By eating more of a vegetarian or vegan diet, our congregation is able to conserve significant amounts of energy and decrease the impacts of worsening global warming due to the animal farms.
Our subcommittee has held a variety of events to promote a plant based diet and educate our congregation about the benefits to the environment over the years. We’ve had numerous Vegan Potlucks (our most famous being our Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck held every November) and movie nights educating the community on the benefits of a plant based diet.