“Fifteen years hence when we celebrate our 100th anniversary, many now here will still be here. But 115 years from now on the 200th anniversary, we do not know who will be here. They will be within different walls and in different pews. They will bear names not ours and speak a different language, use different symbols. Today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow. Generations who do not know each other in the flesh are bound together in spirit.”
– First Unitarian Church Minister, Rev. John G. MacKinnon, 1947 – 1959


We Reap What We Did Not Sow
More than 150 years ago, a group of like-minded people founded the First Unitarian Society of Wilmington. All these years later, we “reap what we did not sow” – our beloved community that nourishes minds and spirits, fights injustice and transforms the world through loving action.
Today we have the opportunity, in turn, to ensure our liberal faith is there for our next generations through our Heritage Fund – the general endowment fund of our church.

Contributions are invested, and the earnings are used to supplement our operating income. This additional income helps us to support the many activities of our church and to seed exciting new initiatives toward our mission.

How Do We Do It?
As part of your long-range financial and estate plans, we ask you to consider charitable gifts that will be received in the future after you and your loved ones no longer need the assets. Please share this request with your attorney or financial advisor to assist in drafting a will or codicil to designate First Unitarian as a beneficiary of your estate. This may be in the form of an unrestricted gift whereby you designate the First Unitarian Society of Wilmington, Delaware, a percentage of your estate or a specific sum for the Heritage Fund.

Or, you may also wish to consider naming First Unitarian Society of Wilmington, Delaware , as a beneficiary of your existing account in a donor advised fund, a retirement plan, IRA account, or a life insurance policy. For more information, contact the church office at 302-478-2384 or email officemgr@firstuuwilm.org.

You can access our online Heritage Fund Donation Form, here.