It is hard to believe, but many families in our area do not have a warm, safe place to live. The YWCA Home Life Management Center provides transitional housing for homeless families, helping them find stable employment and permanent housing. For many years, we have sold House Pins and jewelry to support the YWCA Home Life Management Center. In addition to traditional House Pins, we also sell bead jewelry hand-crafted from quality components, which are donated by our members.

The sale price of each pin is $20, and each piece of bead jewelry costs $15 or less. We donate 100% of the profit from the sale of each pin, and the ENTIRE sale price of each piece of bead jewelry, to the YWCA Home Life Management Center. Each time you purchase one of these beautiful items, you are also donating to the YWCA. We have now donated almost $27,000 to this worthy cause!

Below are some photos of our jewelry. Selection may vary, but you can get a good idea of what might be available.

Your House Pin Team, “Changing the World, One Pin at a Time!” Bev Bach, Ann Tolman, and Carolyn Ray and Beading Babes Eleanore Morrow and Pam Weiss