First Unitarian Church is a religious association incorporated in the State of Delaware.

In the course of its activities, the Church receives gifts, trusts, and endowments that require investment management. These funds, managed on behalf of the church, are an important source of income and future capital for the church. Successful management of these funds is vital to the current and future success of the Church.

The Finance Committee meets regularly to regarding church finances. The Committee works with the Treasurer, Business Manager and Executive Team to execute changes and manage church finances.

Functions include managing investments, overseeing finances and operating within board policies, GP 8 and GP 9.

You can view our Investment Policy Statement for the Heritage Endowment Fund, here. The Policy Statement for the Capital Campaign Building Fund is available, here.

For Treasurer reports, please click here.

Members of the Investment Committee for 2023-2024 are:

  • Maggie Duffy,  Treasurer
  • Hans Francke
  • Bill Hardham
  • Mike McCabe
  • Maureen Sandberg