Starting in June 2020, we began the process of relocating the library to the second floor. Ongoing updates of our progress is available in the following update:

Our church lending Library is open on Sunday mornings when the church building is open. The Library is maintained by the Library Committee, and new titles are added regularly.
Browse the shelves or search the card catalog for subjects including Unitarian Universalism and other religions, social justice, environment, and more. Books for adults, youth and children may be borrowed by following posted instructions, and must be returned within four weeks. Reference materials and periodicals remain in the Library.

The Archive team works to preserve the ongoing history of our church, which was founded in 1866. Current effort is focused on organization of physical and digital storage, development of procedures for Archive management and research, and creation of a digital database/catalog to facilitate search and use of Archive materials.

Contact if you are interested in learning more about Library and Archive.