Serving and strengthening our beloved community by providing spiritual support to those in the congregation experiencing a difficult or challenging time.

If you are struggling, facing unusual stresses or changes in your life, experiencing illness or a hospitalization, struggling with a recent loss, or just need someone who can listen, there is someone here for you.  We have a fantastic team of staff members and lay Pastoral Care Associates, screened and trained in pastoral care and active listening who are an important part of the congregation’s overall pastoral care. Pastoral Care Associates work with our minister to create a loving community and an atmosphere of acceptance for those in need.


Our Pastoral Care Associates provide short-term support with the following:

  • Cards or calls to cheer someone up, especially to people who are home-bound and can no longer attend on a regular basis
  • A caring presence by visiting someone at home, in the hospital or in hospice, during times of crisis brought about by bereavement, health issues, or life crisis
  • Assistance with receptions at memorial services
  • A Comfort Cloak, hand-made by a member of the First Unitarian Knitting Ministry

Our Pastoral Care Associates program also coordinates:

  • A food assistance program for members in need
  • Specialized support groups for those with chronic illness
  • Rides to and/or from a Sunday service or doctor’s appointment
  • Errands when people are unable to drive
  • Prepare or deliver a meal to your home

Rev. Dr. Larry Peers can provide short-term pastoral counseling, spiritual guidance as well as referrals to community resources for ongoing support such as:

  • When someone is confined at home
  • When there are family or personal problems
  • When a loved one dies
  • When someone is hospitalized
  • When you or someone you love is dealing with a chronic illness or disability

You can reach us by calling the church office  at 302-478-2384; ask to be referred to the Pastoral Care Associate of the month.  The name and email address of the Pastoral Care Associate of the month appears in the order of service and E-news each week.

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