At First Unitarian we are participating in Soul Matters, a nation-wide consortium of more than 150 Unitarian Universalist congregations who share monthly themes for worship, religious education, music, and small group ministry.

If you attended church this past year you heard powerful sermons on Soul Matters topics of Covenant, Healing, Story, Presence, Prophecy, Identity, Risk, Transformation, Embodiment and Joy. These monthly topics were well received, and more are planned for the coming year.

Get even more out of the topics by registering for a Soul Matters circle group, and join in going deeper in a small group setting. Your participation makes a difference.

Soul Matters participants receive a monthly packet on the spiritual theme, chock full of uplifting poems, quotes, and live links to YouTube videos, books, music, and much more. You explore these on your own throughout the month, as well as in your group setting. It is suggested you select a spiritual exercise from among three or four in each packet, and that you visit again and again throughout the month.

The 2018-2019 Soul Matters topics will be:
Vision (September)
Sanctuary (October)
Memory (November)
Mystery (December)
Possibility (January)
Trust (February)
Journey (March)
Wholeness (April)
Curiosity (May)
Beauty (June)
Click on link for each month to view packet.

Groups will form in the fall! Register for Soul Matters by completing this online form

Groups generally meet in person for two hours during weekdays or evenings (but we do have an online group for you night owls!). If you participated in a group last year and wish to continue, please register again this year. You can also choose to change it up and select a different group this year. (Note registration remains open on our new website throughout the year.)

By signing up you’ll be joining with over 190 UU congregations
that are part of the Soul Matters Circles, exploring the same small group worship themes.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office, or a Soul Matters facilitator. We welcome your comments and most importantly, your participation.

The First U Soul Matters Team:
Barbara Lenahan, Nancy Pinson, Linda Sanders, Hans Francke, Tracy Spinka-Doms, and Cindy Cohen