white board and markerThis committee is responsible for creating and continuously updating the congregation’s strategic plan.  We monitor how effectively we are achieving our current goals in supporting our mission.  We use that information and visioning processes to determine what the most important goals are for our church for the next five years.

Members of the Strategic Planning Committee for 2019/2020 are:

  • Phil Krape (co-chair)
  • Mike McCabe (co-chair)
  • Renee Anderson
  • Greg Griffin
  • Marty Peres
  • Paul Pinson
  • Linda Sanders
  • Jenny Brown

To view the most current version of the Capital Improvement Plan, please click here. To view the current version of our strategic plan, please click here. To read the report from the May 2016 congregational meeting, please click here.  An archive of all Strategic Planning documents is available, here. A progress report can be viewed, here.

Capital and Strategic Plan News! 

Most of the major work has been completed. Due to the COVID19 pandemic health concerns, we have put other smaller projects on hold. Other maintenance items are being addressed while the building is mostly vacant.

Want to learn more about our projects? You can view the white papers, here