Unitarian Universalism’s 7th Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Unitarian Universalists see ourselves as one thread in a single fabric of all existence. We embrace nature’s beauty and are in awe of its power. We have a responsibility to care for our home and stand together with those most affected by pollution, environmental destruction, increasingly severe natural disasters, and other impacts of climate change.

Our own Maisie Donohue speaks at Climate Strike on 9/20/19:

We demonstrate our commitment to environmental justice by aligning our values with our actions through spiritual connection, education, sustainable living, and social justice.

The First Unitarian of Wilmington, DE Sustainability and Environmental Justice teams work to provide opportunities for study and action in response to Climate Change.  We explore and identify environmental justice issues in the local and broader community.  We organize congregational and individual response through education, study groups, sermons, social gatherings and speakers.  We are an open committee – members may participate in projects for which they feel a passion, but not make a year long commitment to the team.  Since we work broadly across local, state, global, legislative, advocacy, interfaith and socio-economic environmental justice issues, there are plenty of choices for individual or congregational  participation.  We also seek out and welcome suggestions for Environmental Justice actions which concern the members of the congregation.

Currently, our areas of Environmental Justice work are Advocacy, Education, Sustainability (Ethical Eating*  see note), Socio-Economic,  Inter-faith Connections,  Direct Action, and Worship.

South Wilmington Wetland Park

The Environmental Justice Task Force would like to share the good news that the long-awaited groundbreaking of the South Wilmington Wetland Park in Southbridge took place on Friday, October 18th. It has been a 13 year long journey with tireless work by our friends in Southbridge, as well as collaboration and funding with/from all levels ......

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Vegan Subcommittee