Our pledge campaign for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 is complete. However, we accept pledges any time during the church year! If you have not yet pledged, or if you are new to our community and want to pledge, please do so! Thank you! 

“Money is a current, a carrier, a conduit for our intentions.” – Lynne Twist, “The Soul of Money”

When we give with intention, we give with integrity and heart. Our commitment gives energy to make a difference in the lives of those who worship with us, in the lives of our children and youth, in the lives of those in our community and beyond who need the power of our collective liberal voice and loving action. At First Unitarian, with our considerable diversity of beliefs, we join as one in our mission to nourish minds and spirits, fight injustice, and transform the world through loving action.

Your gift makes a difference. Given with intention, it carries with it energy and possibility. Please join us in contributing generously during our Annual Campaign for Stewardship of First Unitarian Church of Wilmington. If you want to learn more about how we use your gifts, please click here. Not sure how much to give? Check out the UUA Giving Guide.

You can pledge online, hereIf you prefer, you can print a paper form and mail it or deliver it to the church office.

If you use our automated giving service to set up routine payments, please go here to set up your payment plan. You can also use your mobile phone to set up your payment plan, click here for more information. If you prefer, click here to print a paper authorization form to send to the office. Authorizations for automatic payment need to be renewed by the start of each new fiscal year, July 1.