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ILYA Student Care Packages

With September upon us, the ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) team is thrilled to report that we have over twenty students hoping to be matched with caring volunteers willing to send treat packages periodically over the course of the academic year. Are you that caring person or family? If it is something you would […]

ILYA is back to school too!

While many are just starting back to school, ILYA has kicked off our school related activity already. Mid-summer Sue Wilson who has so wonderfully lead the Student Care Package for a number of years handed leadership over to Cathy Butler after doing a great orientation. Cathy picked the ball right up and created new technology […]

Successful Presence at YAC Conference

On August 8th, members of the ILYA team (Independent Living for Young Adults) attended the YAC (Youth Advisory Council) conference at Delaware State University in Dover. Betty Weir and Lori Cowan prepared a wonderful display for our “vendor” table. This is where team members got to talk with many young people in/aging out of foster […]

Youth Advisory Committee Conference

The Delaware Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is an organization made up of children and youth in foster care or who have aged out of foster care in Delaware. Their tag line is “Nothing about us without us.” They have been consultants to Delaware legislators and non-profit organizations and have been responsible for improving the way […]

18 Months Later

You may remember that in January 2017, ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) gave a baby shower to a young woman who was expecting a baby in March. We are so happy to report what a positive impact this has had on the young Mom’s life. The baby shower allowed Mom and baby to have […]

Memorial to a Brother/Son

Recently a letter was delivered to Independent Living for Young Adults (ILYA) which contained a check from Children & Families First. It was a gift in memory of someone who was an unknown supporter of ILYA but who had apparently informed Children & Families First of his belief in what we are doing for youth […]

A Great Time was had by All

The Independent Living for Young Adults Graduation Backpack and Pizza Party project was a fantastic success again this year thanks to the generous support of the First UU congregation. It turned out that we had 17 graduates who came to the West End Neighborhood House for the party. Amy Barch had to be quick on […]

Letter of Thanks from a Supportive Grant Recipient

ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) provides grants to young people who have aged out of foster care – most often for apartment security or utility deposits. However, other grants are sometimes provided such as one for registration fees for a community service opportunity. In requesting the grant recently, her Independent Living Coordinator wrote, “________ […]

Pomp and Circumstance is Coming Soon!

ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) is gathering the names of graduates for this year and there are many! We’ve secured a location for the pizza party (at no cost) and are collecting sets of towels/facecloths, pop-up hampers and $25 Target gift cards to put in backpacks. As soon as we know final numbers we’ll […]

Backpack to the Future

There’s no going back for the young people graduating high school who now age out of foster care. These  students are looking to the future having overcome challenges most of us can’t even imagine. Oftentimes they were shifted through multiple schools adding more instability to the traumatic situations that disrupted their childhoods and put them […]

The Grads are coming! The Grads are coming!

And we need your help to be ready for them. ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) wants to make sure every young person graduating from high school who is also aging out of foster care gets the recognition they deserve for this great achievement. It’s not easy when you’re shifted around to different schools and/or […]

Babies Expected

ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults which is the social justice program at First U supporting young people who have aged out of foster care) is having another baby shower on June 2nd. We’ve collected much of what this young mother is lacking but there are a few things still needed. We are also collecting […]

Partnership and Learning           

Last week a group of volunteers who support the Student Care Package project in the ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) program met with some of the Independent Living Coordinators (ILCs) who work closely with the students. For those who don’t know, in Delaware, young people aging out of foster care can elect to have […]

Helping With Moves

Too frequently, young people aging out of foster care have to move abruptly before they have a chance to find an apartment. When that happens, their Independent Living Coordinators often have to physically transport them to emergency housing but sometimes they have to take public transportation. One thing that makes that easier is having a […]

Learning About Supporting Students After Foster Care

For many years ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has shown support for students continuing their education after aging out of foster care. When volunteers send student “care packages” it not only provides needed or desired items but even more importantly, communicates caring and support. This bit of encouragement may be the only thing that […]

The Power of Partnerships for Independent Living for Young Adults (ILYA)

ILYA’s partnerships with other organizations are some of our strongest programs. One such partnership is with the New Century Club of Newark. We got in touch with this organization to seek a grant for a young woman who spent her teen years in foster care after suffering serious abuse as a child. She was excused […]

Welcoming a New Life      

Last week, ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) hosted a baby shower for a young family in need. The parents to be (the mom having aged out of foster care) were warmly welcomed by ILYA team members and other church members. Some family members and friends of the couple also joined in the festivities and […]

Generosity That Doesn’t Stop

On Sunday, February 11th, many of you met the wonderful young people who visited our church who ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has supported. You heard the story of one from the pulpit who told you how your support impacted her. She ended her presentation by saying, “Words cannot thank you all for all […]

Special Offering, Sunday, February 11

The offering this Sunday, February 11, will go to ILYA allowing us to continue delivering support to these very deserving youth in your name. We hope everyone will be as generous as they can be. And if you are unable to attend church, feel free to send a check… just put “ILYA Special Collection” on […]

Come Meet Some ILYA Youth

This Sunday is going to bring a special treat for everyone attending church. A number of youth supported by Independent Living for Young Adults (ILYA) will be visiting to tell about their experience with the support given to them by our program. It will be inspirational to see and hear the drive and determination these […]

ILYA – A Social Justice Task Force

Many people at First U know about ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) and provide amazing support for our projects. But we have many newcomers to our church community who may not be familiar with us. And many members may not be aware of the structure in place to foster the success of all our […]

Support for the Youngest Among Us

ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has supported young people aging out of foster care for 12 years now. Last year, we also supported 2 infants born to young ILYA clients. In February, we’ll have a baby shower for another infant expected later this winter. Our baby showers not only provide some essential equipment and […]

As Promised… Happy Faces

Look at some of the happy faces created by your generosity during ILYA’s (Independent Living for Young Adults) Holiday Giving campaign. These young people (and 30 some others) who have aged out of foster care are having a much better holiday knowing there’s folks out there that care. Thank you for that and for supporting […]

All Wrapped Up

As promised, here are some pictures of your generosity with ILYA’s Holiday Giving project. Carolyn Gibson and her elves spent over 2 days preparing and wrapping the gifts you provided for our young people who have aged out of foster care. The Independent Living Coordinators for ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) have picked up […]

Hope Shared with ILYA

This month the theme for worship is hope. Reverend Roberta talked about how hope is communicated and how it grows when it’s shared. ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has experienced such an outpouring of hope for our young people who have aged out of foster care that there are hardly words to express our […]

It’s gotten cold outside…

But this holiday season you have the opportunity to create a very warm feeling for a young person who has aged out of foster care. Please sign up to help ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) with their Holiday Giving project. It works like this… Young people who have aged out of foster care and […]

The Warmest Holiday Season Yet!

As you may know from reading our recent articles, ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) had more young people who have aged out of foster care submitting “wish lists” for Holiday Giving than any previous year. We were worried initially because that’s a lot of wishes to address but you all have come through once […]

Only 2 Weeks Til Christmas!!

No, not the official holiday but the deadline we have to get all of our ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) Holiday Giving wrapped and delivered to young people who have aged out of foster care. These young people are out on their own and won’t have much of a holiday without us. ILYA has […]

Last Minute Notification Came In

ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) got a last minute notification that 2 additional students are requesting Student Care Packages. So we’re looking for 2 more volunteers willing to send small packages to a student 5 times during the school year. These students are seeking the emotional support of someone reaching out more than the […]