Is it a challenge to stay on top of all the vital social and political challenges we face today? Are you looking for a grass roots organization to join? Come join us as we experience the joy of exceeding our limits as individuals through collective action, pooling our resources and going to work! Check out our groups in the Justice Menu. 

Does First U also provide financial support in our community? Yes we do! Learn more, here.




First U showed up for Pride this year!

Plopped right next to the Delmarva Cluster, we had the whole state covered! Representatives from UU Central and UU Southern were on hand if folks lived outside of our area and vice versa. Two of our members, Cynthia de Leon and Kim Tull, brought First U literature, a big candy bowl, and tissue paper of ......

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We participated in a day of service in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. View our gallery, below: