Want to watch today’s Sunday service live?

Email avteam@firstuuwilm.org between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. (Sundays only) to get the link for today’s live worship. 

First Unitarian Church offers the option to watch the worship service live on Sunday mornings. You can subscribe using the form below. Once you have signed up, you will remain on the list to receive the link each week. Be sure to check the spelling on your email address before submitting the form. 

Every week, we will email you a new link that will allow you to watch that week’s service on most internet connected devices, like computers, laptops, iPads, and smartphones. Emails will be sent out the Saturday before the Sunday service. We may also email additional announcements about your subscription and how to view the streams of our service.

The link will only have access to the service while it is live. We are not archiving full worship services for access at a later time. We are not making these streams publicly available. We will post what we can of our services on our First Unitarian YouTube channel after worship is completed, but copyright restrictions may require that we remove portions from the published video.

Please, feel free to encourage people you think might want to join our worship services remotely to subscribe to this email list, but do not publish or share the live links in any manner. If you sign up for the live stream and you experience problems, please email the AV Team at avteam@firstuuwilm.org.  AV team members are monitoring email on Sunday morning and responding to requests for help as soon as they are able.

Due to copyright restrictions, by subscribing to this email list you are agreeing that you will not  record these streams or publish the links to the streams.

We look forward to having you join us remotely!