Safety First Clip Art

Our Board of Trustees and our Executive Team are committed to supporting a safe congregation for all our members, friends, and visitors. Our policies and procedures cover:

  • Building: Maintain facilities that provide a reasonable level of safety, access and functionality.
  • Security: Work with staff and volunteers work to ensure safety and plans in case of emergency: fire, weather, or intruders.
  • Staff: Provide safe and healthy conditions for the staff and volunteers doing the work of the church.
  • Vulnerable People: conduct background checks on high contact volunteers or volunteers entrusted with sensitive tasks in the church office. Be aware of resources regarding child abuse, treatment for sex offenders, and support groups for survivors.
  • Covid Pandemic: members of our staff as well as church members with medical expertise work together to help us interpret and apply guidance around church activities if pandemic recurs.

In addition to church staff, teams working on these concerns include the Safe Congregations Committee, Safety and Security Team, and the Covid -19 Task Force.