November 26, 2017 – Only Love Can – Douglas Harrell

beach stone heart

This sermon won the 2015 Dana McLean Greeley Award from the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office. The theme of the contest was “International Criminal Justice: From Punitive to Restorative.” Doug’s sermon speaks to the war on drugs and the importance of drawing from broader contexts to solve problems such as crime, terrorism, or drug abuse.
Doug and his wife Michelle attend the Unitarian Universalist Society of Millcreek, Delaware. Doug is also a frequent summer visitor to the Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware in Lewes. He is the brother of David Harrell, a member of First Unitarian Church. An engineer by profession, Doug has a passion for history, including religious history. He is a firm believer in studying the lessons of the past to gain insight into the problems of today.