August 30,2015- “Putting on Our Blue Suede Shoes’ -Rev. Roberta Finkelstein

Inspired by a poem by Hans Ostrum entitled Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley in Heaven, this service will reflect on the ways that contemporary Unitarian Universalists can bring openness and humor to the serious business of healing our broken world. Appropriate rockabilly music will accompany the service, and the congregation will learn to sing I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed to the tune of Love Me Tender.

Following the Service: Welcoming Rev. Roberta to our Community!

First Unitarian has the opportunity to put into practice our radical hospitality in welcoming our newest minister, Rev. Roberta Finkelstein.  Join us in the Parish Hall on August 30th after the service to provide a spirited, warm-hearted welcome to Roberta.  In addition to welcoming words, and a musical offering being planned by Scott Ward, there will be snacks and cake!  Contact Debbi Zarek at for more details or if you would like to contribute.