Sunday, December 26, 2021 – 10:30 a.m. – “The Unitarians Gifts to Christmas” – Pre-Recorded – Rev. Dr. Larry Peers

We will not meet in our building on this day after Christmas. However, we will provide a link on our website to a pre-recorded service that you can view at any time. This service will include a play reading of “What the Dickens: A Christmas Carol” by members of First Unitarian, performance of some carols written by Unitarians, and a short homily by Rev. Larry Peers.

This service includes:

  • Play reading of “What the Dickens: A Christmas Carol” by these members of First Unitarian: Linda Sanders, Rebecca Fisher, Nancy Flanagan, Richard Flanagan, Janine Shay, Marian Sargeant, James Moser and Edris Harrell.
  • Carols written by Unitarians will be sung with some background on the music from Katherine Harris.
  • Short homily by Rev. Larry Peers, “Who the Dickens?”
  • Chalice lighting by Catherine Williamson, and Extinguishing Chalice words by Jon Claney.