Sunday, December 5, 2021 – 10:30 a.m. – “Engineering Resilience: A Gathering of Memory and Hope” – Rev. Megan Lloyd Joiner, Preacher and Rev. Larry Peers, Liturgist

During this service we will remember all those who we have lost during this pandemic and perhaps were not able to grieve in the same ways. Rev. Larry Peers will lead a ritual of Memory and Hope to acknowledge as a community some of the losses our members have experienced during this pandemic time. We will hold our memories, light candles of memory and surround one another with love.

Rev. Megan Lloyd Joiner, Pastoral Care Consultant at UU Congregation of Atlanta will be our guest preacher, Rev. Megan Lloyd Joiner says about her sermon:
“Learning from both the natural world and structural engineering, we see that when our reality is turned upside down, resilience begins when we accept what is, imagine what could be, and summon hope and courage to move forward with new vision and renewed commitment.” Rev. Megan is the Pastoral Care Consultant & Community Minister at the UU Congregation of Atlanta and a pediatric chaplain resident at Emory University Hospital.