October 16,2016 -“The Language of Our Tribe”- Rev. Kathleen McTique

We are thrilled to welcome Rev. Kathleen McTigue as our guest minister this morning. She is the Director of the UU College of Social Justice. Prior to accepting this position in 2012, she served as a parish minister for 25 years, first in North Carolina and then New Haven, CT.  She currently resides in Boston, MA, with her husband; they have three adult children. The UU College of Social Justice (uucsj.org) is a joint project of the UUA and UUSC and is based in Cambridge, MA. The mission of the College is to inspire and sustain faith-based action for justice on issues of local, national and global importance. We offer: immersion journeys to Haiti, Nicaragua, the Mexico/AZ border, and West Virginia (for youth groups); one-week justice training programs for high school youth (14-18) and for young adults (18-34); summer-long internships for college-age adults, within and beyond the U.S.; and skilled volunteer placements with partner organizations, one week to several months


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