Sunday, Sunday July 21, 2024 – 10:30 a.m. – “In Praise of Bewilderment”  – Rev. Libby Smith 

I stole this sermon title from an article by Professor Alan Levinovitz, who encourages us to acknowledge the complexity and ambiguity of life, and enter a state of “bewilderment” where we are humble, open and flexible enough to learn – instead of thinking we already know.  Levinovitz argues that such an approach could provide hope for America’s ailing soul. But it’s hard to put into practice. 

The Rev. Libby Smith was ordained in 1992 and has served both as a parish minister and a chaplain.  Now that she’s retired from congregational work, she sees her work as a part-time, patchwork ministry of trying to say yes, made up mostly of guest preaching and rites of passage, and enjoys having more time for her husband, garden and cat. She is delighted to return to Wilmington.

Worship Associate: Rebecca Fisher, Music Leader: Lotus Cheng, David Cullmann