Barry Marrs

Barry Marrs has been a UU for 45 years, 21 of those at First Unitarian. He is passionate about the intersection of science and moral behavior. For ten years, Barry chaired a committee that brought lecturers at that intersection to First U. He has served on the Board and on the nominating committee twice. Barry led the creation of a proper memorial for the late Rev. Dr. Bob Doss. He served together with his wife Barbara as head usher for about ten years. They were also active in the church auction and fall festival for many years. Barry been active in small group ministry, and currently helps facilitate the short story connection circle. Barry says he joined the search committee because the selection of a new settled minister is very important for the future of First Unitarian: “I want to be part of that process. I want to see First U continue to be a spiritual home for humanists and freethinkers from a wide diversity of backgrounds.” Barry’s work style reflects his own work experience: 11 years as a professor, 11 years in middle management, and 11 years a CEO or executive director. “I can lead, and I can follow,” he says, “and I will work for the good of the group.”