Bill Hardham

Bill has been a member of First U for well over 40 years and 2 of his 3 children enjoyed the CYRE program. Over the years he has ushered, served on the Board, served as Treasurer, been a Search Committee member, and a member of the Nominating Committee.  For the last 25 years or so he either was a member or Chair of the Stewardship Team. Since September of 2015, he has served on the 4-person Executive Team that is responsible for Church operations.  Outside the church, the retired chemist (36 years with DuPont) is active in and an officer of the Wilmington Trail Club, German Society of Pennsylvania, First State Symphonic Band, and the UU House Outreach Program. To rest his mind, he exercises a lot: hikes, bicycles, cross-country skis, and lifts weights; but also enjoys gardening and landscaping the lot surrounding the home he shares with Lorena.