Carmen Bell-Delgado

Carmen was born in Chicago. As a child, her family moved back to their hometown in Puerto Rico. Carmen graduated from the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey with a BS in Biology. Carmen worked two jobs to care for her mother and young son while earning a BS in Laboratory Medicine after she moved to the US. She has been a Laboratory Scientist for 26 years and works as a Laboratory Scientist at AI DuPont Nemours Hospital for Children.

She was first a Spiritualist, next a Catholic, and then an Evangelical Pentecostal. In 2011 Carmen was introduced to Unitarian Universalism by her wife, Tonia. First U did something that no other congregation had done in her long spiritual journey; they welcomed her as she was. Carmen is now an active member of First U and is a worship associate.

Carmen is married to her wife, Tonia C. Bell-Delgado who is a Social Worker and Seminarian. Carmen’s eldest son Carlos is a 1st Sergeant in the United States Army. Carlos is married with a 5 year old daughter, Yamariz. Carmen and Tonia’s two children, Casey (15) and Everett (11) attend First U and have participated in the Religious Exploration program since birth.