Cindy Cohen

Cindy Cohen found Unitarian Universalism at First U in 1991 as a wonderful fit with her humanist leanings and need to help others. Since that time her spiritual journey has grown and matured—from
humanism to atheism, to agnosticism, to her current passion of energy and the metaphysical—all while continuing to embrace the unity found throughout all religion cultures. As a professional church singer and section leader throughout the area in the 1980s and 1990s, Cindy had the opportunity to experience
worship across many denominations, which helped form her beliefs and religious foundations. She has long been involved in social justice activities, from co-leading the church’s Warehouse Project (where she met her husband, Steve) to helping revive the church’s long-standing Emmanuel Dining Room project. She co-led metaphysical spirituality groups here at First U in the early 2010s, and currently leads the monthly Vespers team, which offers a different worship style to our service offerings. As a past member and president of the board of trustees, Cindy has been involved in church leadership during tumultuous times, which provided opportunities to see the inner workings of church ministry, and to work directly with the (then) Joseph Priestley District and the UUA. These were huge learning opportunities, spiritually and professionally.
When asked to join the search committee, Cindy agreed because of these experiences, and hopes to apply her learnings as the church calls new ministry to propel our church and denomination into the future: “We have an important message for the Wilmington community and the world—that Unitarian Universalism is a place of acceptance where you can learn to take charge of your own destiny and help heal the world at the same time.”