Ed Scott

Ed Scott and his wife Darlene moved to Wilmington following retirement in 2014. Seeking a new and urban experience, they chose to make a downtown row house their home. It was in Wilmington that Ed discovered Unitarian Universalism and First Unitarian—which, he says “was like spiritually coming home.” The church’s core values resonate with Ed’s passion for equality and dignity for all individuals, and respecting each other’s journey. Ed has been active in the social justice and human rights areas, participating in many of the programs at First U addressing racism. In addition, Ed has been a worship associate. As worship associate, Ed has gained a new level of appreciation for the group worship experience. Ed is a member of the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow and works to support initiatives that advocate for marginalized individuals. As a volunteer with the Delaware Center for Justice program, Read In/Read Out, Ed works with inmates at Howard R. Young Correctional Facility. Ed became a member of the search committee because he believes that as a relatively new member who is also new to UU, he has a unique perspective. Ed wants our church to maintain its commitment to a shared ministry. He envisions us continuing our work as a welcoming and inclusive community, one that provides and supports opportunities for all to be engaged side by side with the professional ministry and staff as we live out our values. Ed brings experience in project management and working with diverse groups to this process. His interest in connecting with others and exploring new ideas, coupled with a touch of humor, are some of the attributes he brings to this search. When not searching, Ed enjoys reading, bread baking, and travel.