Jon Claney

Jon facilitates the program team’s use of technology to enhance our programs and services, assist with church communications, produce high quality weekly services in the multi-platform environment, and facilitates collaboration with other church leaders and congregations.

Since graduating from Earlham College with a BA in Psychology and a minor in computer science, Jon has had several careers. In the early nineties, he computerized a two hundred person metal foundry, writing all of their business software and installing and managing the hardware for a sophisticated manufacturing execution system. For the next decade he built a software company around a quality system that he developed for foundries. In his third career he used open source software to build online communities for non-profit organizations while caring for his two children and aging parents. Jon’s life-long love for music and experience performing in musical groups as a teenager has also come in handy. Jon is very excited to embark on what he hopes will be a new career, using his primary skills of learning new things and teaching others to support the mission of First Unitarian.