Paul Pinson

Paul Pinson has been a member of First Unitarian since 1972 and has served the congregation as youth leader, RE chair, staff relations chair, board member, president, treasurer and finance chair, and as a member of the strategic planning committee. He has been a facilitator for small groups and “Building Your Own Theology,” an OWL instructor, and convener of the Channing Society, a men’s social group. Paul values lifelong religious education and member engagement. He joined the search committee to help emphasize considerations that have made a positive impact on our church, such as involving the congregation in all aspects of congregational life and sharing responsibilities among staff and volunteers. His dream for the church is that “everyone feels they have a place here, a role to play, and ownership for the success of our mission.” For the denomination, Paul served as a board member and treasurer for the Joseph Priestley District, worked on a team to establish the Central East Region, and assists the UU Service Committee with planning. Paul can contribute skills in planning, organization, technology use, and problem resolution. Paul deals with some eyesight and balance issues and will be paying special attention to maintaining the collaborative nature of our team. Paul retired from a career in computers and telecommunications to focus on UU activities, travel, coffee, and crossword puzzles.